Data Quality

Are you planning for a "Big Data" future. A few things to consider then:
  • What good is having a lot of data if it is not accurate?  Manually entered data is inaccurate so you really cannot base decisions on that.  Barcode generated data is accurate.  You can safely use that for important decisions. Find those print sources (suppliers products, internal printing, etc)  that are not producing the quality required and take action.  
  • Have purchasing contracts written to specify what barcode print quality grade is required. Industry standards are usually C or better but many are recommending B at this time.
  • Some products exist in supply chains for 2 or more years before they are consumed.  That could mean that a problem that you have today could be unseen today and surface at a later date and impact a lot of product.
  • It is not too early to start getting serious about barcode print quality.  Do you know what grade you are producing? 

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