Internet of Things and AIDC

At the present time in the business world, the AIDCtechnologies represent a very large portion of what is referred to as "machine to machine communication"or M2M. A barcode printer (machine)prints a barcode and a scanner (machine) reads it. The amount of M2M isincreasing rapidly as AIDC continues to proliferate but also as new sensors anddevices are brought on line. Some ofthese new devices, along with the existing barcode and RFID infrastructures,will form what is being referred to as The Internet Of Things. Imagine millions of inexpensive devices,perhaps billions when you include smartphones, creating data and sharing itimmediately through the Cloud (internet!). Things that were impossible just got easy and cheap. If you think theinternet has changed things, wait till you see what is coming!

This is happening right now. A lot of development is goingon. A lot of devices are coming out. A lot of applications are being developed,and you can expect a heck of a lot of changes.

How does this affect AIDC and the current userswho have built their information infrastructures around barcode and RFID? It is good news. The technology is there to address anybusiness issue or opportunity you may have. You will be able to supplement yourdata foundation with additional information that adds value at relatively lowcosts. AIDC current users may be the bigbeneficiary because of their historical use of standards. This allows them to add by extending their existingsystems without creating a brand new platform.