Label Printers or Barcode Printers

Choosing the right printer is critical to success. In designing a barcode based system, the quality of the barcodes must be consistently high to insure data integrity and productivity. If you start with the right printer and label design you will find it should be much easier to achieve goodresults.

There are a wide variety of printers available to meet your application needs. These include:

  • Thermal or thermal transfer (no ribbon vs. ribbon)
  • Low resolution or high resolution (200dpi or 300dpi+)
  • Desktop or industrial (very light duty only vs. everything else)
  • Color or Monochrome

Which printer is right for your application depends on your application needs and performance expectations. AIS will identify the best choice from our partners wide portfolio of fine printing products.

Our principal partner(s) for printers include:

  • Toshiba TEC
  • Intermec
  • Sato
  • Zebra

AIS also builds/integrates custom printing systems for clients. These custom systems typicallyadd features such as quality verification, lamination or automation to apply the label to products. See more at