Printing Systems - On Demand Printing

Sometimes a simple printer is just the start of thejob. We are a customer driven companythat responds to client requirements. Consequently we have built/integrated printing systems that reallyextend the definition.

  • Printers that do not make a mistake - When there ishigh risk associated with a bad label. Our printers and label designs are very good and typically produce variable data labels with ANSI/ ISO grades of A/4.However, as an extra measure of security, we add imaging and grade the labels(ISO, ANSI) as they are printed. Ifthere is a problem and the label is substandard, less than ANSI/ISO C/2, we automatically retract the label, destroyit so it cannot be used and then reprint a good replacement.
  • Printers that inspect and then apply the label - Sameas above however the system will apply the label automatically after inspection
  • Printers that inspect then laminate the label - Whenthe label has to be very durable and survive time, abrasion, solvents and theelements. There are a few differentmethods and we would use the appropriate one for your needs. Medical devicemanufacturers, motor and appliance manufacturers, any item with a data platethat has specs or serial numbers, etc.
  • Printers that produce different size and shape labels onthe fly under program control - Flexible production lines that are set upto produce multiple different products. In some manufacturing lines there is a different set of labeling needsfor each of the various products being made. Serialization, traceability orlanguage requirements do not allow the labels to be made in advance and broughtto the line when required so they must be made on demand.
  • Printers that produce different size and shape labelsunder program control and then laminate them - Same as above but with theadded durability of a laminate