RFID - Radio Frequency ID

AIS has been working in RFID applications since 1989.  The main body of our work has been in implementations of UHF and HF standards based technologies.  We have experience building systems for common applications such as asset control, shipping and receiving, inventory management as well as some unusual applications. Ask us about hard drive security and/or how to build a better Anthurium!  Do you want to read the unique id of a few hundred items in a bag? Track your returnable containers so they are actually returned? Record pallets and their contents as they are loaded on a truck? Then RFID may be right for you!


  • Active vs. Passive (Battery vs. No battery)
  • Distance away from readers
  • Data - On board vs. Remote
  • Environment - Temperature, Humidity, Consistency, Metal, Water, etc.
  • Tag enclosed or visible (inside a package or container)
  • Quantity of tags in field of view to be read? Time allowed?

....Just to name a few!

RFID systems are tricky!  If you do not have experience and want a reasonable chance of success on your project we suggest getting some help. This technology is not as black and white as barcodes.  There are a lot of unforeseeable "gotcha's" that you may encounter.

After having said all that, if we have not scared you off then you may be one of the lucky ones that may have a real RFID application.