Barcode Scanners, Imagers, Machine Vision, Handheld Computers

The data capture aspect can be very dynamic and technical in nature. Your selection here is also very important to building a strong AIDC foundation for your information systems and applications.

Considerations may include:

  • Type of code to be read - Linear or 2d or both
  • Hand held or fixed position
  • Distance to code from reader - A few inches to many yards
  • Is the code at rest or moving - How fast
  • What do you want to have happen in case the code is not read or readable or if the data in the code is not correct for the application

To address these considerations we can provide a wide variety of solutions. These include:

  • Hand held scanners with either laser or imager based technology - Can be powerful mobile computer
  • Fixed position scanners - Laser or imager based - Intelligent or simple
  • Machine vision level imaging and analysis - Will read barcode as well as physical characteristics in view

Which approach is best for your application depends on your needs and performance expectations. AIS will identify the best choice from our partners wide portfolio of fine scanning and imaging products.

Our principal partner(s) for readers include:

  • Honeywell
  • IDS
  • Intermec
  • Motorola

AIS can setup your scanning equipment properly for best performance. We can also provide software to run on these devices and execute your applications.